10 Dec 2021

Belarus – Sweden. Alexey Andronov’s forecast

A match in which the Scandinavians have no room for error at all . Sweden lost to Bulgaria and spoiled itself a little. Despite the fact that the Dutch suffered a major defeat, they cannot be discounted. There may still be a fight in this group, especially if the Swedes allow such misfires.

Belarus national team lost to Luxembourg. She has her own cockroaches in her head. Probably the mood will be after such a slap in the face. But still, it seems to me that the Swedes are better – in terms of the quality of the squad, in terms of the organization of the game. If they play normally defensively, and not like they did in Bulgaria, then they should succeed.

I think that Sweden should be Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. played through the individual top in total. “Sweden Individual Total Over 1.5 Goals” with odds of 2.0. I choose this rate for this match.

11 Nov 2021

Krasnodar – Chelsea: prediction and rate of Kirill Dementiev

Chelsea played two games in a row, 0-0! Absolutely abnormal for Lampard’s team. But Sevilla and Man United were afraid of the Blues, because they did not want, for example, to start the Champions League campaign with a defeat. It was also decided to play more reliably against the “devils”.

This will not happen with Krasnodar. Londoners need three points, and the attitude towards the bulls is a little different. Well, the owners have nothing to lose. Gotta play for the fans, for fun. In these conditions, the safest option, in my opinion, looks like “both will score” + TB (2.5). Vulcanbet pays for such outcomes quite generously.

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Krasnodar – Chelsea: predictions, bets and odds of bookmakers, date and time of the match, where to watch
Krasnodar – Chelsea: forecast and rate. The class will decide everything

28 Oct 2021

PSV – “Ajax”: prediction and rate of Roman Naguchev

Ajax against PSV it’s always fun and rewarding. Here you have to push off from the heads. Recently Ajax misses a lot, but also scores a lot. Matches against Lille were the same, but the games against PSV this season are different.

For example, a month and a half ago, Quincy Promes saved Ajax from defeat. Several weeks ago Ajax won confidently, but had an advantage not only by plus 1, but also by plus 3.

However, Ajax defense works poorly, PSV’s attack works well, They play at home, so Ajax will not be as reckless as in the game that was in the championship a few months ago.

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I think there will be 2 or 3 goals scored in this match. A bit uncommon for the Eredivisie, but typical for Ajax and PSV, who play in European competition and spent a lot of energy in matches with Olympiacos and Lillem. Both teams have little need to take risks. If PSV starts, then Ajax can catch on this, but Ajax and so is the leader of the Eredivisie, so there is no need to rush headlong on the road. This match has a maximum of 2-3 goals.

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28 Oct 2021

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26 Oct 2021

Netherlands – Scotland: prediction and rate of Konstantin Genich

Preparations for the European Championship are in full swing, and the participants are playing friendly matches with each other. One of these meetings will take place in Faro (Algarve) Netherlands to play Scotland.

Not to say that the Dutch play successfully in friendly matches. They haven’t won five of the last six (4 draws and a loss). Scotland in # 171; freight trains# 187; plays even worse. They have not won 9 times in their last 10 meetings (8 lost).

The Dutch with a crazy line-up are the pair’s favorites. You need to understand who is in what state. Someone’s load is at its peak, someone’s went down. The match is still in Portugal, where, let’s say, it’s not cold. The Dutch are used to hotter conditions. In addition, the backbone of the Scottish national team is made up of Premier League and Championship players, the season there was a long, tense one. The Dutch should have an advantage. They finished early. For example, the same Depay in France, and some other footballers. I believe that Franck de Boer’s team will be fully prepared for the official matches of Euro 2020. The team will gain confidence through friendlies.

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I think the Dutch should win, I will offer to play with a handicap (-1) for 1.75.

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